There are no activities more important than enabling an injury free work place. We believe that employees and contractors, working together, can identify hazards and implement controls to reduce risks such that everyone works free from harm all day, every day. We support this belief:

  • through the selection, support and promotion of like-minded workers and contractors.
  • through the provision of time, equipment and training.
  • by intervening on unsafe behaviours.
  • by adjusting our practices as we learn from our experience, our incidents and each other.

There is no greater demonstration of our care for people than our commitment to these beliefs.

We respect our neighbors and communities at all times, striving to understand our impacts with a commitment to pragmatic collaboration in our planning and decision making.

We recognize our activities impact our environment.

We are committed to pragmatically minimize that impact through monitoring and measurement, application of appropriate technology and best practices, and continuous improvement.


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